Brett Parker Double Homicide Case Moves Toward Trial

The Double Homicide Case Against Illegal Gambling Ring Leader Goes to Trial Next Week

An Irmo man who ran an illegal gambling ring, and who has been accused of double homicide, will stand trial sometime next week, according to authorities. Brett Parker, a man who ran an illegal gambling ring in Richland County, was arrested last April after officers found his wife, and one of his business associates, shot to death in the Parkers’ upscale home in Irmo, SC. Parker told police that his associate, Bryan Capnerhurst, arrived at their house to claim several thousand dollars of gambling debt from Parker, then shot his wife. Parker grabbed a gun in self-defense and shot Capnherhurst. However, prosecutors believe that Parker actually murdered both Capnerhurst and Tammy Parker, to escape gambling debt and to claim his wife’s $1 million life insurance policy. Last week, Parker’s attorneys asked for 30 days to review evidence they never received from prosecutors until it was presented in court. “We were told we had everything in January,” said attorney Mike Whitlock. “That’s why we have contention with them right now because apparently we didn’t.” Previously, one of Parker’s attorneys also invoked South Carolina’s “Stand your Ground” defense, aka the Protection of Persons and Property Act, which allows homeowners to use physical force against intruders. The prosecution claims that the defense is stalling as long as possible. Defense attorneys were granted one week, rather than a full month, to review evidence against Parker. Prosecutors say that cell phone records, surveillance footage, and forensic testing do not back up Parker’s story. In addition to the double homicide charges, Parker also faces federal charges in connection with an illegal gambling ring he ran. In February of this year, a second illegal gambling ring in Lexington, run by a man who helped Parker start his Richland County business, was uncovered. Lanny Ray Gunter, 43, was sentenced to 5 years in prison with 5 years’ probation, and his accomplices Harry Bruce Benenhaley, 66, and Ronald Dale Spence, 61, each sentenced to 5 years’ probation. Gunter’s sentence, however, was reduced because he cooperated with authorities during the investigation of the Parker murder case. He said that Parker told him about an affair, and said that he wanted to end his marriage for four months before his wife and Capnherhurst were killed.

Delay Requested On Monday’s Pre-Trial Hearing in Double Homicide Case

Originally, the pre-trial hearing scheduled this past Monday, April 29th, should have ruled in regards to the “stand your ground” defense, but Parker’s attorneys delayed the trial even further. While Judge DeAndrea Benjamin should have ruled on the “stand your ground” defense, attorneys requested more time to comb through 470 pages of documents they received from prosecutors. Judge Benjamin gave them one week, rescheduling another pre-trial hearing for Monday, May 6th. Officials say that Parker’s double homicide case will finally go to trial in mid-week. Originally, the trial had been scheduled for May 6th. The new information presented by prosecutors was the results of a gunshot residue test. Defense says that they think the gunshot residue results are positive, showing that Capnerhurst fired the gun that killed Parker’s wife, not Parker. Parker’s attorney Dave Fedor said that so far, Judge Benjamin has also not decided whether Parker will stand trial for double homicide – the murders of both Tammy Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst – or if he will go to trial twice, once for each murder.

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Brett Parker faces several very serious charges, both at the state and federal level. His charges for double homicide alone could land him a life sentence in jail, and the federal charges for illegal gambling could include hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and more jail time. Do not let serious criminal charges ruin your future. Our firm was founded by Pete Strom, the former US Attorney for the District of South Carolina. He, along with his team of attorneys, will zealously represent you in any state or federal court in South Carolina against criminal charges. We have over 30 years of experience collectively, and we offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Contact us today for help. 803.252.4800.