Columbia City Council Bans Synthetic Marijuana

The Columbia City Council agreed last night to get synthetic drugs like K2 and Bath Salts off of store shelves. According to WIS TV, one woman who smoked K2 at a party says it’s a decision she regrets.

Etta Cash says she believed she was dying at a karaoke party after smoking what she thought was a simple cigarette.

But it was not just a simple cigarette; it was laced with K2 spice.

“Within about twenty minutes, I felt dizzy; I saw things moving that weren’t moving. I saw people sitting in chairs moving,” said Etta.

She says the strange feeling made her vomit, on and off for four hours.

“It really scared me. It really scared me,” Etta added.

The most disturbing aspect of this situation is that the artificial drug is available at convenience stores and sold as incense.

Anti-drug specialists say K2 isn’t the only “hot” synthetic drug on the market.

For example “Bath Salts” is not only for your bath water, it’s a dangerous tiny white flaky substance, you can smoke, snort or inject and anyone over the age of 18 can purchase it over the counter.

Bath salts are packets of white powder with names like Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave and White Rush. The packets are labeled and sold as “bath salts,” but actually produce a meth-like high and violent behavior in users and is usually smoked or snorted.

“Kids are getting it real easy,” said Etta. “I have a 17 year old son. He’s got friends that are 21. They can go buy it. They can give it to him. What do you think is happening to fourteen, fifteen year olds who have got 18 year old friends?”

These synthetic drugs were enough to grab the attention of Columbia city leaders.

The City Council voted unanimously to ban both drugs from store shelves.

It was only the first reading, but a first step council members say must be done.

Etta says she believes it’s a good thing that council banned it.

In two weeks city council will make a final vote.  County leaders are forming a similar regulation where violators could face a fine of $500 dollars.

Randy Scott, Columbia Police Chief , stated if the ban is approved, he will send out letters warning all retailers and perform random checks.

By: South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney Pete Strom