Law Enforcement Groups Work Together to Arrest 27 Individuals on Multiple Criminal Charges

Law Enforcement Groups Work Together to Arrest 27 Individuals on Multiple Criminal Charges

On Friday, February 8th, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department announced that 27 individuals had been arrested because of outstanding warrants and criminal charges in a two-day sweep.

The arrests were made on Monday, February 4th, and Tuesday, February 5th. Enforcement divisions included the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the United States Marshal Services, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department, and the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s office.

The criminals rounded up were mostly wanted for sex crimes, or for failing to register as sex offenders.

The operation was called “Operation Clean Sweep.” According to Sheriff Leon Lott, the operation helped arrest 27 individuals on criminal charges, and netted 38 outstanding warrants.

Sheriff Lott added that operations, such as Operation Clean Sweep, are important to help get fugitives out of neighborhoods in South Carolina.

The Lexington Patch Reports List of Arrestees and Their Outstanding Criminal Charges

The following people were arrested Feb. 4:

  • Mitchell Gleaton, 36: sex offender registry violation, 1st offense
  • Kevin Alvarez, 24: criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  • William Anders, 30: criminal domestic violence; resisting arrest; traffic violation
  • Jeffrey Hopkins, 52: three bench warrants for traffic violations
  • Orlando Cole, 40: threatening the life of a public official
  • Dujuan Glymph, 30: burglary 1st; criminal domestic violence
  • James M. Payne, 33: shoplifting; disorderly conduct
  • Robert M. Payne, 29: indecent exposure
  • Perry B. Anderson, 38: two warrants for assault and battery
  • Jonathan Jordan, 21: assault and battery; kidnapping
  • Christopher Anders, 20: kidnapping
  • Alton Dunn, 23: fugitive from justice
  • Byron Gilyard, 42: breach of trust

The following people were arrested on Feb. 5:

  • Stephon Simmons, 51: failure to register as a sex offender, 2nd offense
  • Berry Coleman, 49: criminal domestic violence
  • James Augusta Harris, 67: failure to register as a sex offender, 2nd offense
  • Bruce Hudson, 27: failure to register as a sex offender, 2nd offense
  • Sanaulla Khan, 44: cruelty to children
  • Malcolm Price, 25: simple possession of marijuana; failure to surrender plates, traffic violation
  • Jonathan Sims, 36: possession of a firearm; attempted murder
  • Tikia M. McCoy, 32: assault and battery 3rd
  • Chalene M. Johnson, 21: assault and battery 3rd
  • Joey Lewis, 20: assault and battery 3rd
  • Danielle V. Harris, 31: assault and battery 3rd
  • Davis S. Moore, 36: assault and battery 3rd
  • Jermaine R. Sims, 34: criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature
  • Bequan A. Recasner, 19: assault and battery 2nd

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