SC Legislature Aims to Stop Mugshot Extortion

Anti-Mugshot Extortion Bill Could Head to South Carolina House for a Vote A new form of online extortion, similar to revenge porn websites, has been forcing people to pay money to have their mugshots removed. This so-called mugshot extortion could soon be illegal in South Carolina. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the country, who have been arrested for any number of minor crimes, can have their mugshots stolen from police websites and reposted elsewhere online, regardless of the outcome of the arrest. Even if a person has their … [Read more...]

Richland County Teens Arrested in Rape of 80 Year Old Woman

Wis10 reported last week on the rape of an 80 year old Richland County woman. According to the report, two Richland County teens (ages 14 and 15) were arrested and charged with first degree burglary and armed robbery, criminal sexual assault and kidnapping. On December 14, the teens broke into the woman’s home in the Trenholm Acres Subdivision, demanded money from her, vandalized her home and raped her. The woman was hospitalized but has since been released. She is now recovering with her family. Witnesses saw two juveniles in the … [Read more...]