Domestic Violence Charges for Sword-Wielding Woman

Woman Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges After Brandishing Sword at Boyfriend

domestic violence chargesA woman residing in West Ashley, South Carolina, has been arrested on domestic violence charges after she allegedly threatened her boyfriend with a sword, and cut both him and herself, in an altercation.

The Charleston Police Department arrested a woman, 30, for domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, after they found her 22-year-old boyfriend wandering near the apartment without a shirt and a cut on his finger.

On Sunday evening, October 12th, police arrived at the woman’s apartment after a call about domestic violence. The woman told officers that she and her boyfriend had been in “a scuffle,” but insisted that the physical altercation did not involve a knife. When police noticed several new spots on blood on her shirt, and a cut on her finger, the woman insisted that she must have cut herself on a piece of furniture as she wrestled with her boyfriend. Officers noted that she was intentionally vague about the fight, although she did say that the altercation began when she got upset with the victim about “his inability to clean.”

When officers asked where the victim was, the woman said she just wanted him to leave the apartment, and he left following the fight.

Officers found the victim running down a nearby street, on his phone saying, “Momma, come get me!” He had no shirt, and was suffering a cut on his finger that was bleeding.

The victim stated that he and the woman got into a verbal fight, during which she insisted that he get out. He said he began collecting an overnight bag, when he felt a sharp point pressed into his back. When he turned around, he saw that the woman was brandishing a 3-foot sword at him, and she yelled, “I’ll kill you, get out of my house!”

The victim said he feared for his life and tried to disarm her, but cut his hand on the sword.

After police found the sword in question in the woman’s daughter’s room – the child was not home at the time of the incident – they arrested the woman on domestic violence charges.

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Last year, the Violence Policy Center study ranked South Carolina 1st in the nation for domestic violence and abuse, with 50 women killed by boyfriends, fiancés, or husbands every year – twice the national average. This year, Alaska ranked first in the country, with South Carolina falling to a still-ignoble second. The Violence Policy Center study has surveyed domestic violence rates across the country for 17 years, and for all 17 of those surveys, SC ranked in the top 10 for domestic violence.

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