Four Arrested, Including 2 Juveniles, For Theft at Verizon Stores

Two Adults and Two Juveniles Arrested for Theft Involving $400,000 in Electronics from Verizon Stores

juvenileFour people, including two teenagers, were arrested early Friday morning after a break-in at a Verizon store in Camden, SC. The sheriff’s department tied the four to other thefts at Verizon stores across the state, totaling about $400,000.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said that Karen Moody, 24, and Rodney Robinson, 40, along with two teenagers aging 14 and 16, were arrested at a Verizon store in Camden just after 3 AM, when a police officer on patrol saw them breaking into the business. After a brief foot chase, the four were arrested and taken to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

They had reportedly entered the business to commit theft, and had about $20,000 worth of electronics on them.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department later tied the four to thefts across the state of South Carolina at Verizon stores, beginning in January 2013.

Sheriff Leon Lott said that some of the merchandise had been sold on Craigslist, but much of it was recovered at Moody’s home, including numerous iPads and smartphones. The estimated value of the year’s theft was $400,000.

The juvenile thieves were taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice. Moody and Robinson are still at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

Juvenile Justice and Theft Charges in South Carolina

Legally, “juveniles” are defined as people who are not yet old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. This is usually based on age, and the requirements can vary by a few years by state. However, in most states and at the federal level, a person is no longer a juvenile once they turn 18.

The main goal of the juvenile justice system is treatment of the problem, rather than simply punishing the offender. Generally, juveniles cannot be tried for crimes, so juvenile courts use the civil justice system, and juvenile “criminals” are sentenced to probation and some monitoring. However, minors can be relocated into adult court if the juvenile court waives or surrenders its jurisdiction.

A juvenile crimes conviction can have destructive effects on young people and their loved ones. A conviction in juvenile court might result in a young person’s loss of freedom during important adolescent years, and be harmful to their reputation in the future. In the worst cases, a conviction in juvenile court could be the beginning of a life filled with crime.

According to Legal Dictionary, “Juvenile courts generally have authority over three categories of children: juveniles accused of criminal conduct; juveniles neglected or abused by their parents or in need of assistance from the state; and juveniles accused of a status offense. This last category refers to conduct that is prohibited only to children, such as absence from school (truancy), flight from home, disobedience of reasonable parental controls, and purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or pornography.”

Juvenile courts handle cases involving juvenile delinquency and crimes committed by minors, including but not limited to:

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