Giant Oktoberfest Pumpkin Returned After Weekend Theft

Pumpkin Won by Boy Who Guessed Weight Victim of Theft, Returned Later

theftAfter winning a giant pumpkin by guessing its weight, a boy became the victim of theft over the weekend. However, his pumpkin was later returned, with an apology note.

Jaiden Newcomer, 9 years old, reportedly won the 255-lb pumpkin after he correctly guessed its weight at Oktoberfest in Windsor Township, in New York State. Amy Newcomer, Jaiden’s mother, said it initially took four family members and a wheelbarrow to bring the pumpkin home and into its place of honor of their front porch.

After placing the supersized pumpkin on their porch, however, the family became the victims of pumpkin theft.

Strangely, the pumpkin was then returned on Sunday, October 20th.

The thief even left a note apologizing for the theft.

The note said: “I’m really sorry about taking your pumpkin. It was wrong of me. You earned the pumpkin. I didn’t think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest apologies.”

Newcomer said she was surprised the pumpkin was the victim of a simple theft and not a prank, so it did not end up smashed.

“I never thought it would actually be returned,” she said.

Reportedly, after the pumpkin’s theft was reported, neighbors offered to replace the pumpkin. Because of the community’s generosity, Newcomer said, her son wants to return the kindness, and “make pumpkin pies for people who can’t afford it.”

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