SC Criminal Investigation Leads to Possession, Trafficking, Firearms Charges

3 Men Under Criminal Investigation Arrested for Possession, Trafficking, Firearms Charges for Guns, Drugs, and Cash

criminal investigationComplaints from neighbors in Sumter, South Carolina led local police to investigate three suspects. On Thursday, January 15th, Sumter police executed a search warrant and arrested the three men on criminal charges including South Carolina drug possession, trafficking, and illegal firearms possession charges.

In total, three were charged with possession with intent to distribute. Authorities reportedly found 2 pounds of marijuana, which was valued at around $4,000, along with $11,000 in cash, and several weapons including an assault rifle and a semi-automatic handgun with ammunition. Police also found drug paraphernalia.

The criminal investigation into neighbors’ complaints took months, according to Sumter investigators.

“We listened to their concerns, investigated and acted on the evidence found from our investigation,” Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark said. “Key to our efforts were those calls from the public, which we encourage in any situation.”

“This is another example of residents and law enforcement working together,” he added.

The guns, drugs, and cash could lead to more serious possession, trafficking, and illegal firearms criminal charges for the three men, who are currently in the Sumter-Lee Detention Center.

Possession of Drugs and Weapons in South Carolina

Illegal possession in South Carolina indicates the unlawful possession of a deadly weapon such as a knife, gun, etc. and is a crime that usually occurs in conjunction with other crimes. Those who have been charged with multiple crimes typically face tougher consequences if illegal possession is involved.

Illegal possession charges will vary depending on a number of factors, but can result in:

  • Prison sentence
  • Probation
  • Loss of right to bear arms
  • Heavy fines

Illegal possession charges often come about through illegal searches and other violations of individual rights.

Federal and State drug charges in South Carolina carry stiff penalties with serious lasting consequences. If you have been arrested for a drug charge or drug trafficking charge, you need a lawyer who knows how the system works and will fight to protect your rights. If you are found with a large enough quantity of drugs to constitute a trafficking charge, and also exercise your 2nd Amendment right to own firearms, you could face severe possession and trafficking criminal charges.

Drug trafficking and weapons possession cases in particular need to be examined from every angle and in many cases you may be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence. Aggressive representation can protect your future.

The Strom Law Firm Defends Against Criminal Charges for Trafficking and Possession of Drugs or Firearms

Defendants facing drug penalties in South Carolina can be punished with a monetary fine and mandatory minimum sentences of up to life in prison with no chance of parole, depending on:

  • the amount of drugs involved,
  • whether the case is brought in state or federal district court, and
  • how many prior drug offenses a defendant has.

The criminal defense attorneys at Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. will aggressively defend your case whether you are under criminal investigation or have been arrested for drugs in all State and Federal Courts in South Carolina as well as the Federal Courts in Georgia.

At Strom Law Firm, we are dedicated to protecting those rights and giving your criminal defense case the attention it deserves. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact us today for your free, confidential consultation. 803.252.4800

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