SC Town Sees 50% Increase in Burglary

burglaryTown Sees Doubling of Burglary Reports

A town in Anderson County reports a 50 percent increase in burglary and related crimes, according to police reports from the rural community.

Townville, SC reported at least 45 reports of burglary in the past six months, which officials say has doubled their burglary reports compared to last year. There were also four reports of armed robberies, and a home invasion.

So far, deputies have not made any arrests on burglary charges, although Sheriff John Skipper says that there are some suspects.

“We do have an idea of a handful of people,” Skipper said.

Some places have suffered more than one burglary. Caribbean Storage, for example, has been burglarized four times, and lost a total of $23,000 worth of items. Caribbean Car Wash also suffered multiple burglaries – they have been hit three times, according to reports.

One neighborhood that has suffered multiple burglary incidents is reportedly considering placing a gate around the community, but decided against it after the county said they would not maintain the roads.

Amy Hammond is one of the individuals who suffered due to the burglary spree. She reportedly lost $19,000 worth of jewelry, which had been her late mother’s. The items were taken out of her home.

“If anyone has any information, I hope they call us,” Skipper said. He and his deputies are encouraging everyone in the community to keep their doors and windows locked, and if they see anything suspicious, to report the incident to the authorities immediately.

Burglary Charges in South Carolina Carry Heavy Penalties

First Degree Burglary

(A) A person is guilty of burglary in the first degree if the person enters a dwelling without consent and with intent to commit a crime in the dwelling, and either: (1) when, in effecting entry or while in the dwelling or in immediate flight, he or another participant in the crime:

(a) is armed with a deadly weapon or explosive; or

(b) causes physical injury to a person who is not a participant in the crime; or

(c) uses or threatens the use of a dangerous instrument; or

(d) displays what is or appears to be a knife, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, machine gun, or other firearm; or

(2) the burglary is committed by a person with a prior record of two or more convictions for burglary or housebreaking or a combination of both; or

(3) the entering or remaining occurs in the nighttime.

(B) Burglary in the first degree is a felony punishable by life imprisonment. For purposes of this section, “life” means until death. The court, in its discretion, may sentence the defendant to a term of not less than fifteen years.

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