Strom Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Over Ridgeland Speeding Tickets

 As you know, the Strom Law Firm, LLC filed a class action lawsuit demanding justice on behalf of all people who were sent a State of South Carolina Uniform Traffic Ticket by the Town of  Ridgeland Police Department for speeding based in part upon photographic evidence taken by camera, and whose mailing address is outside of Jasper County, South Carolina. 

In response to our Amended Complaint, the Defendants filed a Motion to Dismiss our case. Despite our best efforts, the Court dismissed our case, ruling in favor of the Defendants.  At this time, we are not accepting any new cases challenging the iTraffic system. We sincerely appreciate the calls, comments, and emails of support that we received in support of our position.


  1. Alan Doetlaff says

    Gentlemen, I traveled on I 95 and experienced the speed trap in Richland. I see you are considering a class action suit.

    What should or could I do prior to sending them the money?

    Thank you.

    Alan Doetlaff Fort Myers Florida

  2. I have same question as Mr Alan Doetlaff.

    What should or could I do regarding this traffic camera and an alleged traffic violation>

  3. Lawrence Alexis II says

    I too have recieved a speeding ticket through the ridgeland speed camera traps, and would like to know what I need to do to join this lawsuit, if needed.

  4. Christie Goss says

    We received a ticket in the mail on January 3 for an alleged December 18th violation. Conveniently, it is exactly 15 mph over the speed limit. I questioned both the validity of that claim and the citation itself, which led me to search for information. I found an article on the banning of the use of speeding cameras which mentioned your law firm and the class action suit. I find it ironic that the claim in the letter is that they are attempting to improve safety when the light flashes so bright you can’t see for a few seconds after while questioning what the flash was…I am very interested to see the outcome of the suit and frustrated with the fact that I have no choice but to pay the ticket since I am from New Jersey and am not planning a trip to Ridgeland, SC anytime in the near future….

  5. L. Guenther says

    My husband also was targeted in this “mistake proof” speed trap, only problem is, he wasn’t the one driving.

    I don’t see how they think they have the authority to do this, not only is it against state law but, I believe I-95 is a state road which should mean that they don’t even have jurisdiction over it but I’m not a lawyer.

    My husband hasn’t decided definitely yet but chances are he’ll plead not guilty, try to get the charges dismissed on the grounds that it’s illegal and he wasn’t the driver and if that fails will ask for a jury trial. If everyone asked for a jury trial on this “mistake proof” speed trap, they might reconsider since all the revenue they take in will be spent on the trials not to mention a backlog of cases.

    One of the problems with traffic trials is, some magistrates have been known to fore-go the trial stage by secretly recording a guilty, one day suspended sentence ruling, I just found out this happened to me about 17 years ago in Pickens County when I asked for a jury trial.

    Walhalla, South Carolina

  6. Brendan Coggins says

    I just received a ticket in the mail from Dec. 9th when I was traveling to Charlotte, NC on 95. What do you advise? I have no problem driving to Ridgeland on the 24th of January and possibly additional days. I would like to be added on any pending lawsuits against Ridgeland and would like to get the Charlotte Media involved in the situation as well.

    I wont rest until The Town of Ridgeland pays me for temporary loss of sight while operating a vehicle on an interstate, at night with their camera. Also received an additional $10.00 charge from Enterprise Rental Cars for receiving an illegal ticket in one of their cars. Which they have already drafted from my account. How can that even be legal I havent gone to court yet and they charge me they dont know if I’m guilty or inocent.

  7. Pete Strom says

    Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment regarding a speeding ticket received from the Town of Ridgeland and/or their experience with the I-95 camera.

    We are focusing on the class action case in Federal Court and are not taking any new criminal traffic ticket cases at this time. As previously stated, we have filed a class action in the Federal District Court For the State of South Carolina challenging the issuance of tickets generated by the iTraffic system. Many of you have asked for advice as to what you should do if you receive a traffic ticket from the Town of Ridgeland and what impact the class action case may have upon your pending ticket.

    If you have already paid your ticket, or if you are seeking advice on whether you should pay your ticket, in the class action case we are asking the Court to stop the Town of Ridgeland from issuing tickets via the iTraffic system and are seeking a refund of any bonds posted for tickets received from the Town of Ridgeland. Because this class has not yet been certified we cannot make any representation to you regarding whether you may benefit from our lawsuit.

    With regard to handling a pending ticket, we suggest that you hire an attorney to defend your case. While the decision of whether to hire an attorney and whom to select are up to you, Attorney Ray Lord is defending traffic tickets issued by the Town of Ridgeland. He may be reached at (803)407-4140. His email address is [email protected]. You may also contact the South Carolina Bar Referral Service at (803) 799-7100. I invite any other lawyers who are interested in handling these traffic ticket cases to post your name and contact information.

    Alternatively, if you choose not to hire an attorney at this time, we suggest that you submit a written request for a jury trial which will delay your court date. We are posting an example of a jury trial request below for your convenience. If you request a jury trial, we suggest that you contact an attorney immediately upon receipt of notice of the date and time of your jury trial. We have given this advice to others and some have chosen to pay the fine and hope that the class action results in a refund.

    We do not suggest that you ignore the ticket. Doing so may result in your being tried in your absence and have an effect upon your driver’s license whether you reside in South Carolina or outside of South Carolina. You may also be subject to criminal sanctions. If you wish to receive updates on our case, please complete the contact us form located above in the upper right hand corner of our webpage.

    Please keep in mind that our advice is general in nature and does not address the facts of your specific situation and our advice may be very different depending upon individual facts and circumstances. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We welcome your continued comments. However, contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.


    Town of Ridgeland
    1 Town Square
    Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936

    RE: The Town of Ridgeland v. Your Name
    Ticket No: (Your ticket number)
    Charge: (List Charge on Ticket)

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I hereby request a jury trial in the above referenced matter. If you would be so kind as to schedule a jury trial in this case, I would be most appreciative. It is my understanding that this request, if granted, will eliminate the need for me to appear on (insert date of requested appearance) at xx:xx AM/PM

    If you have any questions regarding this request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours Truly,

    Your Name

  8. Howard Barraclough says

    I also have received a ticket from this patently illegal operation, alleging a speed of 82mph in a 70mph zone on I-95. The date of the alleged offence and resulting “arrest” by PTL D.R. Swinehamer (an individual I have never met and was never stopped by) for violating a “Town Ordinance” was stated as 12/21/10. The form letter from Chief Woods, enclosing the ticket is undated, but the franked envelope clearly shows a mail date (US Mails) of January 2, 2011 (a Sunday?) almost 2 weeks later.
    It is irrelevant to my complaint whether or not I was actually traveling at 82mph, however it is highly unlikely. What is relevant is that the sudden, and at the time inexplicable, blinding flash of red light caused me to swerve away from it’s source and into the right lane (I was traveling in the left lane at the time). In doing so I subjected my father, 88, legally blind (although he can see light and dark) and mostly deaf, to be startled from his doze and cry out in alarm. It took me a while to calm him down.
    As a side note, I generally travel in the left lane through most of South Carolina (between my homes in Florida and North Carolina) in the left lene because of the despicable condition of the roads in that state. I have experienced damaged tires, 3 bent rims and one cracked rim on my Mercedes from those roads. It seems to me that if in fact Ridgeland, or the state of South Carolina in general, is so very concerned about safety on their stretch of I-95, repair of the roads would be a higher priority than paying a third party to extort illegal payments from travelers.
    Mr. Strom – thank you for taking on this case. Injustice from and extortion by individuals who misuse their positions of authority is an egregious abuse of power and must be stopped.

  9. Cristine Dawkins says

    I received a ticket in the mail issued to my husband, since he lives in the same household with me, the tag owner. There is a picture of the drivers in my vehicle, however since a Ridgeland officer did not actually stop to check our ID, they do not know if this gentleman is my husband, brother or father, which are all possibilities. It is a grave assumption based on an illegal photo. I too agree that the blinding flash during this drive caused us much alarm and to swerve in a dangerous manner. I don’t understand how any law enforcement agency could consider that safe. And really, if we were so dangerous speeding at 82, then why did they let us keep going? Would a drunk driver be mailed a DUI ticket? I understand why it should be considered illegal and I look forward to this law firm doing justice for all. Good luck!

  10. Sherry Eisenhower says

    Can you please update us on the status of the class action case. Since it was filed back in December 2010 and it is now March 2011, has it been heard yet? I also received by mail a ticket from the town of Ridgeland, stating I was doing 81/70…that was a lie. I had my cruise control set at 75. I paid the ticket because I am living in Florida and could not go back to SC to fight the ticket.

  11. How can they prove you even received the ticket? Its just sent regular mail. Don’t they have show legal proof that you received the ticket? Seems to me if you do nothing they would not be able to impose sanctions without that proof.

  12. I, myself received a ticket from ridgeland, SC on I-95 going to florida from virginia after a long 7 months deployment in the Arabian Sea. I got really uncomfortale after i saw a red beam pointed at my car, i thought someone was trying snipe me, my family or my tires, so sped off really quickly to avoid any danger. Little did i know two weeks later i received the mail in ticket back in virginia. If this ineed is illegal then i want $133 back. I would be more then happy to join the class action suit.

  13. I also recieved a ticket in the mail that stated I was speeding through the town of Ridgeland. At first I was going to drive back to Ridgeland to defend the ticket but when I look at the total it would have cost more in fuel and the ticket was worst. I believe this is some kind misuse of power because the ticket only ststed I was going 7 miles over the speed limit. I did pay the ticket.

  14. I got a 82/70 for $133 in the mail yesterday. This is absolutely ridiculous, and this renegade police dept is going to give the whole state of SC a bad name. I just saw that someone is starting a campaign to dump any of your trash on I-95 between mile marker 18-22. The hope is that if they have to spend the $ on cleanup, then they will stop this illegal practice.

  15. Got mine in the mail today for supposedly doing 81/70 for $133. Cruise control was set at 78 so I don’t know how I was clocked at 81. Convience I suppose. Passed thru Ridgeland on my way to Florida on Sunday morning, May 1st. Those guys should have been in church. Thinking about requesting a trial by jury and fighting it. Guess they sit out on I-95 all the time from the looks of all the complaints.

  16. I too received a ticket by mail for going 83 / 70. If they are trying make people slow down, wouldn’t it make sense to pull people over in hopes that they slow down the rest of their trip? Typically after you receive a ticket or see someone being pulled over you usually slow down which in turn would make that stretch of road a little safer. This situation is different than the cameras at red lights. You can tell which intersections have cameras and which do not. I thought someone had blown a tire on their motor home the way it was parked under the overpass. It’s really sad that a Police Department would stoop to this level in order to generate revenue.

  17. I am a young woman, that has just started traveling Interstate 95. I was on my way back from visiting my sick grandfather. When I saw the light flash, I was very scared, startled and fearful. I took the next exit to calm my nerves. I have MS, which is a disease of the central nervous system. It took me several hours before I could calm down enough to drive again. When I finally received the pictures in the mail, I realized what had scared me half to death, was actually a violation! I feel violated! It is wrong!

  18. I received a ticket in the mail on Friday June 3rd from Ridgeland County. Funny thing is it isn’t me in the picture, it is my brothers wife. And I was working the day they were traveling home to North Carolina. Since my brothers wife was driving the car, they couldn’t give him the ticket since it was a female. Also he is the only person on the car so they somehow found me and decided to put me down as the driver of the car. Now I am having to get a lawyer to prove that they wrongfully gave me the ticket and I am not the person in the picture. We should fine them for wrongfully giving someone a ticket and wasting their money to take care of something they didn’t do. This picture ticket machine is SO wrong especially since I am wrongfully ticketed.


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