Burglar Checks Facebook During Burglary, Prompts Burglary Charges

Thief Arrested on Burglary Charges After Forgetting to Log Out of Facebook A Minnesota resident was arrested on burglary charges after robbing a home in St. Paul.  For whatever reason, the burglar stopped to check Facebook while in the house during commission and forgot to log out. James Wood, the victim of the burglary, says he came home to find his window open, and his credit cards, cash, cell phone, and watch missing. In addition to the Facebook snafu, the thief left a trail. Because it had been raining on the night Nicholas Wig, 26, … [Read more...]

Man Arrested in Armed Robbery of American Idol Star

Suspect Arrested in NC for Armed Robbery of American Idol’s Scott McCreery A 19-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged with armed robbery after an incident involving American Idol 2011 winner Scott McCreery and some of his friends in North Carolina. McCreery, 20, was visiting some friends in an apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina on Monday, May 5th, when armed robbery suspect Mikkail Jamal Shaw and two other intruders burst in. The group forced the singer and his friends to lie face-down at gunpoint, took their wallets, cash, and … [Read more...]

Distracted Shoppers Target of Theft this Holiday Season

Theft on the Rise as Criminals Target Distracted Shoppers Across the United States, criminals are targeting so-called “distracted shoppers” as reports of theft rise during this holiday shopping season. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning against distracted shopping so that holiday shoppers can avoid theft. A common form of theft occurs when thieves target a shopper headed to their car in a parking lot. The thieves pull up beside the victim, grab their purse or wallet, and speed away. "Cellphone has brought crime to … [Read more...]

Burglary Spree Finally Ends When Suspect Captured

Richland County Man Arrested on Burglary Charges Tied to At Least 8 Business Break-Ins A Midlands resident has been arrested on burglary charges in connection with break-ins at least least 8 businesses in the Richland County area. Rondy Spann, 42, has been charged with eight burglary counts, and one count of grand larceny. On Monday, October 21st, Spann was caught near the intersection of Parklane Road and Farrow Road, by a deputy who was patrolling the area due to a recent string of burglaries. Reportedly, Spann was tied to several of … [Read more...]

Man Charged with Sexual Assault and Burglary of Elderly Woman

Sumter Man Arrested, Charged with Sexual Assault and Burglary After Terrorizing Elderly Woman A young man has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and burglary after the violent attack on an elderly woman over the weekend. On Tuesday, October 14th, Bryan Ontrell Rolle, 23, was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first degree burglary, and kidnapping. According to police reports, about 11 PM on Saturday, October 11th, a 76-year-old woman was taking the trash out by the back of her home when Rolle … [Read more...]

SC Town Sees 50% Increase in Burglary

Town Sees Doubling of Burglary Reports A town in Anderson County reports a 50 percent increase in burglary and related crimes, according to police reports from the rural community. Townville, SC reported at least 45 reports of burglary in the past six months, which officials say has doubled their burglary reports compared to last year. There were also four reports of armed robberies, and a home invasion. So far, deputies have not made any arrests on burglary charges, although Sheriff John Skipper says that there are some suspects. “We … [Read more...]

Thieves Return Stolen Items to Non-Profit After Burglary

Thieves With Consciences Return Items to Non-Profit Just Hours After Burglary On Friday, August 2nd, a California non-profit that helps victims of sexual assault became the victims of a burglary. However, just two hours later, the stolen items were returned with an apology note. The note reads: “We had no idea what we were taking. Here is your stuff back. We hope that you guys continue to make a difference in people’s lives. God bless.” “I got chills when I saw the note,” San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services Executive Director Candy … [Read more...]

Former Columbia Park Ranger Accused of Burglary Again

Park Ranger Receives Burglary Charges for Second Time A former Columbia, SC city park ranger has been arrested on burglary charges for a second crime. He stands accused of using his position to scout houses to burglarize, and monitoring city radios to let other burglars know when police were on the way. Orlando Reeves, 31, was arrested on Friday, July 26th, on charges of first-degree burglary and petit larceny related to a burglary in July 2012. However, this is the second time has been arrested on burglary charges – his first burglary … [Read more...]

Police Find $100,000 in Stolen Goods in Home, Arrest Man for Burglary

Police Arrest Suspect for Burglary After Following Him, Finding $100,000 in Stolen Goods in Home On Tuesday, April 30th, police followed a suspect to a house north of Columbia after discovering ATV tracks from a stolen ATV. They discovered more stolen goods at the suspect’s house, and have arrested him for burglary and larceny. Quendale Livingston, 23, has been arrested for burglary and larceny and booked into the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. Officers responded to a burglary call on Tuesday, in which the victim reported a stolen … [Read more...]

Richland County Teens Arrested in Rape of 80 Year Old Woman

Wis10 reported last week on the rape of an 80 year old Richland County woman. According to the report, two Richland County teens (ages 14 and 15) were arrested and charged with first degree burglary and armed robbery, criminal sexual assault and kidnapping. On December 14, the teens broke into the woman’s home in the Trenholm Acres Subdivision, demanded money from her, vandalized her home and raped her. The woman was hospitalized but has since been released. She is now recovering with her family. Witnesses saw two juveniles in the … [Read more...]