SC Battery Charges: Relationship Abuse Common Among Teens

When a Relationship Leads to SC Battery Charges February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and according to a study in 2013,  more than one-third of teenagers, of both genders, say they have been emotionally, sexually, or physically abused by a partner. According to the study, females were as likely as males to be the aggressors in a teenage domestic abuse situation. Statistically, in the United States, a person is sexually assaulted once every 107 seconds. Of those victims, 44% are under the age of 18. About 22% of women and 15% of … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Domestic Violence Ad Underscores NFL’s CDV Problems

Super Bowl Sunday Anti-Domestic Violence Ad Comes During NFL’s Struggle with CDV and Players The past year has confirmed that criminal domestic violence is a serious problem among National Football League professional players.  Players face intense national scrutiny after a number of reports and videos of players abusing their partners and/or children were leaked. On Super Bowl Sunday, an ad created by No More, an anti-domestic violence campaign, featured a 911 call inspired by a real-life call from a woman in a domestic violence situation, … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Bill Will Move Forward with Gun Restrictions Intact

SC Judiciary Panel Votes to Move Forward with Domestic Violence Bill Including Gun Restrictions After last year’s national report on criminal domestic violence showed that South Carolina still ranked top in the nation for number of women killed in domestic violence situations, the state’s legislators have become serious about strengthening laws to prevent domestic abuse and violence, and more seriously punish criminals who commit such abuse. In the last decade, 300 South Carolina women have died as a result of criminal domestic violence, and … [Read more...]

SC House Reps Weigh Tougher Bond for Domestic Violence Abusers

House Reps Encouraged to Toughen Bail Bond Laws for Domestic Violence Abusers On Wednesday, November 12th, three local women’s groups went to the South Carolina state house and discussed criminal domestic violence charges  with lawmakers, encouraging them to toughen bail bond restrictions for domestic violence abusers. State Representative elect Mary Tinkler said, "Women make up over half the population here in this state and it's time and important for us to be able to make sure that our voices are heard appropriately." Victim advocate … [Read more...]

Richland County Stands Against Domestic Violence Murder

With Overwhelming Support for Stronger Legislation Against Domestic Violence Murder, Columbia Looks at Officer Training and Tougher Laws As of 2013, South Carolina has the second-worst domestic violence murder rate in the US. The state has, for years, ranked in the top 5, often at number one, for rates of women murdered by their male partners. This year, South Carolina legislators are actively working to change the state’s legislation to help victims of domestic violence and domestic violence murder, especially in cases where the offender has … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Prevention Programs Begin This Month

Verizon Continues Hopeline Domestic Violence Prevention Program in October October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and for years, Verizon Wireless has used their Hopeline program to deliver free cell phones with free minutes to victims of domestic violence and abuse, so the victims can contact friends or emergency responders to prevent further incidents. Since the company started the program in 2001, Verizon has delivered 180,000 free phones with 543 million free minutes to domestic violence victims. During the month of October, Verizon … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Charges for Sword-Wielding Woman

Woman Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges After Brandishing Sword at Boyfriend A woman residing in West Ashley, South Carolina, has been arrested on domestic violence charges after she allegedly threatened her boyfriend with a sword, and cut both him and herself, in an altercation. The Charleston Police Department arrested a woman, 30, for domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, after they found her 22-year-old boyfriend wandering near the apartment without a shirt and a cut on his finger. On Sunday evening, October 12th, police … [Read more...]

Charlotte Hornet’s Basketball Star Domestic Violence Charges

NBA Drawn Into Domestic Violence and Pro Sports Debate as Charlotte Hornet’s Forward Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges On Thursday, September 25th, Charlotte Hornet’s forward was arrested on domestic violence charges in Michigan. After weeks of football fans criticizing the NFL for its tepid handling of domestic violence and abuse accusations against players – barely suspending them and allowing them to continue to play, even after brutally beating girlfriends, wives, and children, and spending months or years in court – the NBA has now … [Read more...]

SC Takes Stand on Domestic Violence Problem

Lawmakers Meet with Advisors to Change Laws on the State's Domestic Violence Problem Beginning on Wednesday, September 17th, several South Carolina lawmakers met to discuss the state’s domestic violence problem. Currently, SC ranks second in the nation for women killed by men in domestic violence disputes. Alaska took the southern state’s place at number one, which South Carolina held last year. Unfortunately, the rankings were based on percentages of women killed in domestic violence disputes – SC still holds the number one spot in the … [Read more...]

South Carolina Examines Domestic Violence Problem

In Wake of NFL Domestic Violence Case, SC Reflects on Domestic Violence Problems Although a recent survey of domestic violence across the US suggested that South Carolina has improved its rates of violence against women, the state still ranks 2nd in the country. Last year, the Violence Policy Center study ranked South Carolina 1st in the nation for domestic violence and abuse, with 50 women killed by boyfriends, fiancés, or husbands every year – twice the national average. This year, Alaska ranked first in the country, with South Carolina … [Read more...]