Predictive Policing Could be the Future of Law Enforcement

For years, businesses have used marketing data track sales to predict revenue. Now, police could be using the same tools to electronically predict where crime is going to occur. The idea is being called "predictive policing," and some in law enforcement think it has the potential to transform the way police departments operate by allowing police to anticipate and stop crime instead of simply responding to it. Using IBM software, predictive policing takes data from contrasting areas, including crime reports, police dispatch records, video … [Read more...]

Police: Burglary Suspect Gets Stuck in Chimney, No Santa

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers According to AJC, police say a suspect trying to emulate Santa Claus was captured after getting stuck in a chimney last Tuesday. RanaldoMontez Jack, 17, was arrested about 1:30 p.m. after being pulled from the chimney of a home in Gwinnett, Georgia, police said. Edyn Rodriguez, told Channel 2 Action News that he was standing in his driveway when he heard cries coming from across the street. “He said, ‘Help me! Help me!” Rodriguez said. “Man, never in my life! … I called 911.” WSB-TV, the ABC … [Read more...]

Suspect Arrested 5 Times While Awaiting Murder Trial

AIKEN, S.C. - Aiken Prosecutors say they will ask a judge to revoke bond for a man arrested five separate times after being charged with murder in an Aiken County shooting in 2009. The Post & Courier reports that 22-year-old Freddie Simpkins' latest arrest came Tuesday on a second-degree burglary charge and he remained in jail on a $25,000 bond. Investigators say the suspect was charged with murder in September 2009 in a drug-related shooting.  He was released on a $150,000 bond.  Since his release, the Standard has reported that he was … [Read more...]

Thieves Steal Police Cruiser Wheels

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers SUMMERVILLE, S.C. - The Post and Courier in Charleston is reporting the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is in the market for a new set of tires. Authorities say some rubber-hungry thieves stole a brand new set of tires off a Dorchester County sheriff’s car Monday night and then left the squad car sitting on cinderblocks. Deputies claimed they left the new squad car at Mr. Sign on East 5th North Street so workers could detail the car with badges and other law enforcement markings. Sheriff’s … [Read more...]

Arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence

South Carolina Criminal Domestic Violence Attorneys Prosecuting criminal domestic violence, CDV, is a top priority in South Carolina. In fact, there are 46 dedicated  criminal domestic violence prosecutors, one for each of the state's forty-six counties. Criminal domestic charges are heard in a separate domestic violence court in Richland and Lexington Counties Being charged with domestic violence does not mean that you are guilty.  In the heat of an argument, an angry spouse can contact the police leading to an arrest even if the call is … [Read more...]

South Carolina Statewide Grand Jury: What you should Know

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers The Statewide Grand Jury was created by the Legislature of South Carolina in 1989 to Prosecute cases on a larger scale. The Attorney General's Office assigns Assistant Attorney Generals to handle SGJ cases in its office. State Grand Jury Panel The State Grand Jury Panel is comprised of people from all over the State which come to hear cases usually once a month. The panel meets in secret and is bound by secrecy laws not permitting the Panel to discuss what happens before it with anyone. State … [Read more...]

9 Things You Need to Know Before Attending a Bond Hearing on State Charges

1. BE POLITE- As you begin the process of attending a bond hearing, be polite to the employees of the detention center. These men and women have nothing to do your case and are merely doing their job. Also, make sure you are courteous and polite to the Judge at your hearing. Always say yes sir or ma’am or no sir or ma’am to the court. Remember that all statements you make at your bond hearing can be used against you, so do not make any statements concerning the facts of your case. 2. IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE HEARING as a family member, … [Read more...]

White Collar Crimes

 White Collar Crime in South Carolina   Being accused of a white collar crime  is a serious crime with serious consequences. Whether you are indicted in State or Federal Court, the Strom Law Firm, LLC is well equipped to defend personal and business interests in white collar crimes and regulatory violations. Charges of this nature are severely damaging, both personally and professionally. As a result, your case will be handled with utmost discretion and every viable strategy will be explored to secure the most favorable … [Read more...]

What is Breach of Trust?

What is Breach of Trust? Breach means to break, and a breach of trust is basically a broken trust, a way in which someone fails to carry out promises connected to something or someone entrusted to them. In the business sense you’ll see the term breach of trust sometimes related particularly to the administration of trusts.  Breach of trust may be used to show how a person purposely or through neglect failed to act in the terms specified in agreements; an accountant who embezzles funds breaks trust with his clients. Under The South … [Read more...]