Domestic Violence Bill Discussed in SC Senate

Domestic Violence Prevention Bill Discussed by SC Senators South Carolina state Senator Larry Martin, R-Pickens, proposed a domestic violence prevention bill that seeks to classify domestic violence offenders in different degrees of severity, similar to assault charges, and would also ban convicted domestic violence abusers from owning guns for a period of time after their conviction. “The idea, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a sensible proposal to eliminate opportunity to continue domestic violence that escalates to death,” Martin … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Prevention Programs Begin This Month

Verizon Continues Hopeline Domestic Violence Prevention Program in October October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and for years, Verizon Wireless has used their Hopeline program to deliver free cell phones with free minutes to victims of domestic violence and abuse, so the victims can contact friends or emergency responders to prevent further incidents. Since the company started the program in 2001, Verizon has delivered 180,000 free phones with 543 million free minutes to domestic violence victims. During the month of October, Verizon … [Read more...]