SC Criminal Investigation Leads to Possession, Trafficking, Firearms Charges

3 Men Under Criminal Investigation Arrested for Possession, Trafficking, Firearms Charges for Guns, Drugs, and Cash Complaints from neighbors in Sumter, South Carolina led local police to investigate three suspects. On Thursday, January 15th, Sumter police executed a search warrant and arrested the three men on criminal charges including South Carolina drug possession, trafficking, and illegal firearms possession charges. In total, three were charged with possession with intent to distribute. Authorities reportedly found 2 pounds of … [Read more...]

Columbia City Council Bans Synthetic Marijuana

The Columbia City Council agreed last night to get synthetic drugs like K2 and Bath Salts off of store shelves. According to WIS TV, one woman who smoked K2 at a party says it's a decision she regrets. Etta Cash says she believed she was dying at a karaoke party after smoking what she thought was a simple cigarette. But it was not just a simple cigarette; it was laced with K2 spice. "Within about twenty minutes, I felt dizzy; I saw things moving that weren't moving. I saw people sitting in chairs moving," said Etta. She says the … [Read more...]

19 Men Arrested in Columbia Drug Bust

COLUMBIA, SC WIS-TV is reporting 19 men were arrested on drug charges following a major sweep yesterday. While serving one of the warrants, federal investigators said one suspect fired at agents, but thankfully no one was hurt.  Police did not return fire. Columbia Investigators stated the arrests were part of a major conspiracy involving trafficking. Several law enforcement agencies from the Midlands aided in the sweep. The suspects are supposed to appear in federal court Wednesday morning. By: South Carolina Criminal Defense … [Read more...]