Police Developing New Device to Detect Weapons without Frisking

A new product is being tested in the fight against crime. Police are developing a product that can detect a weapon on a suspect eliminating the need to frisk a suspect. The device uses infrared rays to scan the body for natural energy, like radiation, emitted from someone carrying a concealed weapon on the street. Police will be able to determine if something is obstructing the flow of energy and see the location of the obstruction. This will give a blueprint of where a weapon is located. Police believe that this new device could be … [Read more...]

Thieves Steal Police Cruiser Wheels

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers SUMMERVILLE, S.C. - The Post and Courier in Charleston is reporting the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is in the market for a new set of tires. Authorities say some rubber-hungry thieves stole a brand new set of tires off a Dorchester County sheriff’s car Monday night and then left the squad car sitting on cinderblocks. Deputies claimed they left the new squad car at Mr. Sign on East 5th North Street so workers could detail the car with badges and other law enforcement markings. Sheriff’s … [Read more...]

Columbia has 35 new police cars to respond to distress

Police response is most needed should a robbery be in progress, shots heard in your neighborhood or someone being mugged. Now, in Columbia, SC, it has new police cars to shorten the response time to fight crime.  According to WIS, response time is essential to the work of police officers. One of the officers, Corporal Rose Lynn refers to her patrol car as her office as she spends more than twelve hours on her shift in her five years on the police department.  She lauds the new police vehicles and their capacity. She adds, “It just makes … [Read more...]