Teen in Stolen Car Chase Could Face Juvenile Charges

14-Year-Old Faces Juvenile Charges After High-Speed Chase in Stolen Car On Monday morning, January 19th, Kershaw County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a 14-year-old in a stolen car on juvenile charges after the teenager led the police on a high-speed chase. Around 7:15 AM on Monday, officers were alerted through a 911 call that someone was driving a classic 1967 Ford Mustang in a reckless manner between Elgin and Lugoff, SC. According to Sheriff James Matthews, there happened to be a Kershaw County deputy nearby, who got behind the car and … [Read more...]

South Carolina Shoplifting Charges Issued to Man Sitting on Rib-Eye Steaks

350 Lb Shopper Sat on Rib-Eye Steaks in Motorized Scooter, South Carolina Shoplifting Charges Issues On Tuesday, November 18th, a 350 lb man who needed a motorized scooter to get around was arrested for South Carolina shoplifting charges while shopping at Walmart. Reportedly, a Walmart loss prevention officer noticed the man place 5 rib-eye steaks under himself and continue shopping. The suspect, 43, then attempted to pass all points of sale and exit the store, but the loss prevention officer stopped him and confronted him about the … [Read more...]

Distracted Shoppers Target of Theft this Holiday Season

Theft on the Rise as Criminals Target Distracted Shoppers Across the United States, criminals are targeting so-called “distracted shoppers” as reports of theft rise during this holiday shopping season. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning against distracted shopping so that holiday shoppers can avoid theft. A common form of theft occurs when thieves target a shopper headed to their car in a parking lot. The thieves pull up beside the victim, grab their purse or wallet, and speed away. "Cellphone has brought crime to … [Read more...]

Four Arrested, Including 2 Juveniles, For Theft at Verizon Stores

Two Adults and Two Juveniles Arrested for Theft Involving $400,000 in Electronics from Verizon Stores Four people, including two teenagers, were arrested early Friday morning after a break-in at a Verizon store in Camden, SC. The sheriff’s department tied the four to other thefts at Verizon stores across the state, totaling about $400,000. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said that Karen Moody, 24, and Rodney Robinson, 40, along with two teenagers aging 14 and 16, were arrested at a Verizon store in Camden just after 3 AM, when a police … [Read more...]

Giant Oktoberfest Pumpkin Returned After Weekend Theft

Pumpkin Won by Boy Who Guessed Weight Victim of Theft, Returned Later After winning a giant pumpkin by guessing its weight, a boy became the victim of theft over the weekend. However, his pumpkin was later returned, with an apology note. Jaiden Newcomer, 9 years old, reportedly won the 255-lb pumpkin after he correctly guessed its weight at Oktoberfest in Windsor Township, in New York State. Amy Newcomer, Jaiden’s mother, said it initially took four family members and a wheelbarrow to bring the pumpkin home and into its place of honor of … [Read more...]

Thieves Steal Police Cruiser Wheels

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers SUMMERVILLE, S.C. - The Post and Courier in Charleston is reporting the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is in the market for a new set of tires. Authorities say some rubber-hungry thieves stole a brand new set of tires off a Dorchester County sheriff’s car Monday night and then left the squad car sitting on cinderblocks. Deputies claimed they left the new squad car at Mr. Sign on East 5th North Street so workers could detail the car with badges and other law enforcement markings. Sheriff’s … [Read more...]